Accompanying Text

Relic No.1:

Charles teasing me on back balcony – hit his arm. Stocker rage – my face draped with black veil. Not at all repentant – very satisfied to have retaliated.

Relic No. 2:

Stocker always the figure of authority. Remember when she tried to dose me with cascara – wouldn’t swallow it – carried kicking down the stairs, met Bessie who burst out laughing. Stocker dropped me and boxed Bessie’s ears. I spat out the medicine. Enter Mother from above, coaxed me to take another spoonful. 

Relic No.3:

I remember one plot to stick pins up through the woven rush seat of her chair in the hope that the pins would be robust enough to pierce through all the layers of underwear. No such luck – but what a daring project!

About the work

‘Relics’ was originally created to be part of the group exhibition Penumbra, curated by VerBureau and exhibited at A.P.T Gallery, London in May 2014.

A series of three etching depict imagined images of objects mentioned in my grandmother’s unfinished memoirs. Each memory relates to a moment of childhood rebellion or punishment. The prints are presented pinned within display cases, accompanied by the relevant passages from the memoirs. Each etching becomes a sort of relic, a connection to an event in time not witnessed by the viewer. The archival presentation of the work plays with ideas of authenticity and blurred lines between truth and fiction.

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